Online Mixing

A modern project studio that combines creativity with audio engineering and producer skills.

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How it works

  1. You upload your tracks.
  2. We listen carefully to the recorded material and propose a price. We will also send you a detailed feedback of what needs to be done in order for your song to sound professionally mixed.
  3. If you are OK you pay 50% in advance.
  4. We mix your song(s) and we send you the mixed material with some minor errors (basically white noise added here and there).
  5. You can ask up to 5 tweaks of the mix for each song.
  6. When you are satisfied with the result you pay the rest 50% and we send you the final mixed material.

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How to prepare your tracks for upload

  1. Make sure all your tracks begin from the start of the session even though there is not any recorded material at the beginning.
  2. If you have any midi tracks in your project you should record every track as an audio track.
  3. Make sure you bypass all effects unless they play an important role to the sound.
  4. Give each track a name (e.g snare top, snare bottom, kick, bass etc).
  5. Export each track as WAV or AIFF file.
  6. Archive all tracks into ZIP or RAR folder.
  7. Upload and send it to us!

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