A modern project studio that combines creativity with audio engineering and producer skills.

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Ok the times are tough! But creativity should always find a way to get through! Give us a call or contact us to arrange an appointment. It is always a pleasure to meet new people!

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At LK12Studio we like to build a bond with musicians that is beyond a typical professional customer service.
We are here to:

- discuss and organize together how to make a professional music production given your time and budget
- help you overcome any weaknesses related to music synthesis or orchestration
- help you achieve your best performance

Recording (that will take place in our facilities)

1-2 songs : € 12/hour
3-5 songs : € 10/hour
6 and more : € 8/hour

Mixing (for a song up to 6 minutes long)

1-2 songs : € 120/song
3-5 songs : € 115/song
6 and more : € 110/song

Editing, Drum Triggering € 30/song
Realistic drums programming € 35/song
Vocal Tuning € 35/song


1-2 songs : € 30/song
3-5 songs : € 25/song
6 and more : € 20/song

Pre production € 5/hour

Pre production is one of the most important stages of a music production.
Is when we take a closer look at the structure and orchestration of the music material.
Having spent some hours for pre production we will save a lot more for recording, mixing and editing.

Drums Recording on location € 50 (up to 6 hours per day)

If you are on a budget and there is a space available we can make drums recordings there. In any case we will check and make sure that the recordings can meet the minimum professional standards.

*(above prices do not include VAT 24%)